Just Love Those Passwords!

Password or Painword?

Selecting a password is about like choosing a name for a baby. When you finally have conjured up a password you can remember you’re informed someone else already has that password. So you try again and are rewarded by a red message indicating your password is “too weak.” So you try again, and again, and again. At some point I usually give up and decide the web site isn’t worth any more of my time or frustration trying to create a password like “yellowsparrow21.” I wonder, could there be a password like, “Ihate2UsePasswords.” You didn’t see that since I’m going to start using that password.

Password Paranoia

I’m paranoid about privacy so I don’t have the page “Remember Me.” That means I have to remember all my passwords. Since I now have a zillion passwords it can be a real test for me to associate which passwords goes with the web site I want to enter.

Forgot Password?

I’m an expert on the sign in option “forgot password?” I use this option all the time since it’s easier to do this than to keep a password list or use one of those password management programs. I also don’t want a list of passwords on my computer for a hacker to find.

Password Not Recognized – Please Try Again.

This morning I shot myself in the foot real good! I wanted to log into one of my e-mail management accounts to check some statistics. It was one of e-mails I allowed to remember my password. However, for some weird reason it wanted me to enter my password to get to the management section.

You guessed it. I couldn’t remember the password. So I tried about 20 of my recent passwords. Zing what a feeling – all the passwords were incorrect. So what’s a guy to do? A little dim light turned on in the foggy part of my with a newsflash. Use the “Forgot Password?” option.

I felt a little smug thinking I didn’t really need to keep a well organized password list, I’d just get a new password and then write it down where I could find it. So I smiled as I requested a new password for the e-mail account.

I became a little impatient as I checked my e-mail several times for the new password. So I closed the e-mail and restarted it so it would check for new mail more quickly. BIG MISTAKE!!! It wanted my new password. Earth to e-mail program – I DON’T HAVE A NEW PASSWORD YET!

I made several attempts to remember and enter the pesky little password. After about ten minutes I gave up and started going through my “organized” stack of papers. You probably have one just like it. It’s standard equipment to have a big stack of papers sitting right next to your computer chronologically organized for quick and easy access.

Take a Deep Breath But Don’t PASS(word) Out!

So I took a deep breath and decided it was time to organize and file each sheet of paper in the list. Each time I came across a post it note with a password, I tried it and it failed. I then realized the password would probably be toward the bottom of the list since it had been a while since I created this e-mail account.

Twenty minutes into my search, I finally found the paper with the right password. I got back in and checked my e-mail. Still no new password. By then I didn’t need another new password.

Later I checked my e-mail on my other computer and guess what? It had sent the new password stuff to that computer. Da! If I had used my brain I would have realized I’d been smart enough to set up the e-mail to send information to another e-mail account.

I opened the new password e-mail and luckily it had an option to cancel changing the password. Interesting. They must have put that option in for all those other dummies that can’t manage their passwords.

So What’s My Punishment?

I now have to file all those little stacks of paper I created sorting the big stack of papers.

What Did I Learn?

To be more organized and keep a printed and updated list of passwords in my “Password” notebook.


Oops! I used a password instead of my name! I guess I’ll have to change that password!

4 Responses to “Just Love Those Passwords!”

  1. JL Beeken Says:


    Are you kidding me? Get a password manager! No-one’s going to hack it because you’ll be the only person with the Master Password (in your head and maybe on one post-it somewhere.)

    • Marlo E. Schuldt - The Heritage Collector Says:

      Sounded like a good idea until you mentioned the need for yet another master password! Just kidding. For a software developer you’d think I’d love to try a new program. However, there’s always a learning curve and there are not enough hours in the day. I need something super simple. I see you talk about KeePass on your blog. Maybe I’ll give that shot since it’s free and you appear to like it. Thanks for writing.

      • JL Beeken Says:

        Go for it. KeePass is really simple right out of the box. AND you can generate new passwords that are secure instead of the ‘marlo21’ B.S. 🙂

        LastPass is coming along but not quite ready for prime-time, IMO.

  2. Ron Says:

    I feel your pain

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