A Family History Quilt

A Fun Idea For Your Next Family Reunion

Reunions are about family – remembering past and celebrating the present.  A successful reunion helps us renew family associations and introduces our kids to their cousins, older relatives and ancestors.  

Each year we struggle with the same challenge – finding new ways to associate a name a face and history. A few years ago we solved this problem with a quilt. Yes, you read correctly, I said a QUILT.  Not just any old quilt – a family history quilt.  

Baadsgaard Family Reunion Quilt

Baadsgaard Family Reunion Quilt


A few months prior to the reunion, material was purchased, a pattern and color scheme decided, and quilt blocks were cut out.  

I volunteered to find and enhance the photos. Next I took each photo into Photoshop to add curved text of the names, birth, and death date of each relative. I used my color inkjet printer to create t-shirt transfers. Not for t-shirts but for quilt blocks.  

I had stressful visions of scorching and ironing wrinkles onto the quilt blocks. I was most relieved when my wife volunteered to iron the transfers onto the large white quilt blocks. She was careful to select a smooth cloth (broadcloth) so the transfers would be clear and easy to read. She experimented on the first one and then turned each t-shirt transfer into a mini history masterpiece.  

Each block was delivered to another relative to be sewn into the quilt.  

It was gratifying to see the tremendous interest generated by the Baadsgaard Family History Quilt. The quilt was drapped over a quilt stand strategically positioned next to the podium where the program was delivered.  

The final event is always a raffle to acquire funds to cover the expenses and gifts for the next reunion. Several relatives purchased multiple tickets to improve their odds of winning which greatly enlarged the family reunion fund.  

Now’s the time to talk and plan with your family reunion organization about making a family history quilt.  

Try it – you will like it!


5 Responses to “A Family History Quilt”

  1. MaryAnne Ashton Says:

    This is a wonderful idea and one I have done before. I am having a family reunion this summer at my house here in Orem for up to 40 people. They will all be camping in my backyard! If you have any really good ideas for other “family history” ideas, especially for children under 12, please contact me! HELP! M

    • Marlo E. Schuldt - The Heritage Collector Says:

      Thanks for your question. It stimulated some fun memories dating back to my teenage years and the activities we invented to keep us out of trouble. We devised treasure hunts. It was an activity that everyone enjoyed and a great mixer we used to get everyone acquainted.

      I’d suggest a treasure hunt for your reunion. It’s always a challenge getting the attention of the younger generation. However, all ages love to hear and participate in storytelling and solving mysteries. These two ingredients can be incorporated into a family history treasure hunt.

      Refer to my blog, “A Family Reunion Treasure Hunt – A Fun for All.”

  2. A Family History Quilt « The Heritage Collector's Blog | Reunions.ca Says:

    […] Read the original: A Family History Quilt « The Heritage Collector's Blog […]

  3. Moyra Palm Says:

    Thanks for a look at the gorgeous quilt, knew someone else would come up with the idea my friend & I had already started. Had not thought of sharing the quilting with family too so thank you for that idea as we are no where near finished.

  4. PH Paper : Says:

    it is always interesting to know each of our family history _

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