Windows 7. Where’s the E-mail?

You will need a new e-mail program for a new computer or if you upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. 

Microsoft removed e-mail from Windows 7. It’s gone and you will have to use something else. I searched the internet for recommendations and reviews for another e-mail option. The more I searched and read, the more confused and frustrated I became. I finally gave up and installed Windows Live. I decided it might work better with Windows 7 since it comes from Microsoft.

My Verdict After Two Days of Use

  • I like the Live Mail interface better than Gmail.
  • It can run in the background and check for new e-mails like Outlook.
  • You can attach and send large image files. It places a little thumbnail of each file attachment The recipient clicks on a thumbnail to view it full screen. Double clicking on a thumbnail downloads the image so you can view it full screen and save the image.
  • The recipient does not need a fast internet connection to receive a Live Mail e-mail because images are not attached to the e-mail, just small thumbnails.
  • You can drag the image into the e-mail to attach the file. That easy and I like this a lot!
  • I was relived it had a spellchecker that highlights each misspelling word so you can correct as you type instead of running a spellchecker later.
  • It has some fun little Emoticons some of you will enjoy using to eliminate misunderstandings when you are trying to say something funny.
  • My first e-mail message was easy to compose and write. 

 Be sure to check the Outbox to make sure it sent your first mail. I had to do a little more initial setup before it sent the first message    


 Double click on a thumbnail in Windows 7 Live Mail to view it full screen or to download and save it.  

 Biggest Frustration

WHERE’S THE SEND / RECEIVE BUTTON? Yes, I’m yelling and using red ink. What good is an e-mail program if you can’t check for e-mail when you want to? It took me 30 minutes searching the internet to discover they renamed “Send / Receive” to “SYNC!” I like “SINK” better since I’ve had more experience with that word. (I’m always cleaning up something). 


I think I will eventually get the hang of Windows Live e-mail. However, it may have to season in the closet for a few weeks like any new pair of shoes or shirts I get before I will attempt to use them.


2 Responses to “Windows 7. Where’s the E-mail?”

  1. Toby Webb Says:

    I had the same problem in finding an email program for Windows 7. My local retailer wanted me to pay $129.00 for standalone Windows Outlook! I have settled in on Mozilla Thunderbird, which is free and working well.

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