Solving Computer Problems !!

Do You Have a Personal Confuser?

I once heard a personal computer (PC) referred to as a “Personal Confuser.” I’d have to agree with this definition since I feel confused most of the time. I often tell people I solve computer problems by accident and perseverance and not by skill. “Plug & Play” is supposed to mean plug in the new device and the computer automatically sets it up for you. Usually that doesn’t happen for me.  “Plug & Play” really means “Plug & Play Around” for a long time until you get lucky and it works!

The internet has taught me two very important lessons:

  1. There are thousands of people in the world who have the same computer problems I have.
  2. Most computer users are sympathetic and willing to help each other solve problems.

Use This Google Trick

There’s a relatively easy way to solve a computer problem and it’s free. Do the following:

  1. Copy the error message for reference later.
  2. Don’t worry about understanding what the error message means. It would take a brainiac to understand the message.
  3. Go to the internet and load up Google.
  4. Type the error message into the Google search box and press enter.
  5. Viola! You just magically discovered a million people who are saying, “I feel your pain,” let me help, or I have the same problem!”
  6. If you get too many responses, put “quote marks” around the error message and search it again.

You’ll be surprised how many people have the same problem and posted the same question or error message on the internet. Go to a web page and see the answer and discussion of the success or failure of the person applying the solution. If the solution is too complicated, hit the back button and go to the next site. You may have to surf through many sites before you find the correct or easiest answer. I have used this trick and it saved me from disaster many times.

Use Google For Other Solutions

Sometimes I have a hard time trying to formulate my question for a Google search. Keep trying. Remember you are searching the whole world and chances are good someone else out there in cyberspace may be searching for the same dumb thing.

I’m a terrible speller. I used to say I had two vocabularies – one for speaking and a dumbed down vocab for writing. You will probably get some laughs (free of charge) reading my blogs.  Just remember I’m human and trying to help you even with my spelling disability! (Is there a pill I could take to cure my spelling disease and make me feel wonderful at the same time? Something that rhymes with Valium – like Spellium).

Tip:  Google is also my spelling tutor and it doesn’t laugh at me. I make my best spelling attempt by typing it into the Google search box. I love it when Google comes back and says, “Did you mean . . .?” Sometimes after a long search for a word like “Viola” I talk  back to my computer and say YES! This is so much better than using a dictionary. In grade school my teachers used to scold me for such bad spelling and say, “Don’t you know what the dictionary is for?” I wanted to reply with, “Yes, it’s for reading the whole dictionary until I get lucky and happen onto the word I can’t spell. Dictionaries are for people who can spell!” Computer spellcheckers and Google are for people like me who still can’t spell. I use several spellcheckers. Beware – sometimes a spellchecker can really embrace (embarrass) you! Read the suggested spellings carefully.


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