Windows 7 Upgrade / Things you need to know

Which upgrade option?

One of the problems with Vista was it would not work with older hardware (scanners / printers) and software. Yes, that frustrated me big time! Good News! Windows 7 is more compatible with older software and hardware than Vista. However you may need to purchase the more expensive Windows 7 Professional version  to have a better chance of working with your older hardware and software.   

Recently I helped one of our local users upgrade her Vista Home Premium computer to Windows 7.  I went to the Windows 7 system requirements site to check the requirements. Her newer computer easily passed. Just to be absolutely sure I went the extra mile and downloaded the Upgrade Advisor from

We ran the test and the computer passed with no problems. I was relieved and thought we were good to go and we’d be done in 45 minutes.  We marched off to Best Buy to get the upgrade. I’m thinking this will be simple until I was confronted with several upgrade options and prices. We decided on the more expensive Windows 7 Professional because it indicated it would work with older hardware and software. 

We then proceeded to run the upgrade. SURPRIZE!  We see the message, “You can NOT upgrade Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional.” Suddenly I’m not happy because this means many programs will need to be reinstalled.  One positive is Windows 7 does create a backup of all your files. However, this could be a problem if you do not have enough free hard drive space and I’m not willing to trust any backup except one I make myself.

Just to be safe, we created a complete backup of all her files to an external hard drive. We also used Heritage Collector’s backup system to safeguard all her collections.

Unfortunately my friend had to reinstall many programs including Heritage Collector. We then used Heritage Collector’s  “Restore from HD” to copy all the groups and collections back into the new Windows 7 system.

 Please refer to my free newsletter, “Windows 7 – an Evaluation,” for a complete summary of my experiences using Windows 7.

One final note. Heritage Collector works with Windows 7.


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    Great to see you have a blog. I have added it to my Google Reader already!

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